West Monroe Partners Sponsoring Chicago Architects Group

For over a year now I've been attending technical user group meetings across the Chicago area and one in particular has caught my interest more than the others. The Chicago Architects Group ("CAG") has consistently provided presentations and discussion on  topics relevant to me and by presenters with experience and knowledge on the subjects at hand.  Presentations has ranged from Dependency Injection & Inversion of Control Containers, to Onion Architecture, to Agile Project Management strategies. And tonight will be Azure for Architects.  All targeted to the technical architect audience, who discuss the topics, share personal experiences and insights.

Shift gears now to one of the reason I enjoy working for West Monroe Partners: WMP has a set of values core to the culture of the company that help make the company a great place to work:

  • A culture of learning and growth
  • The belief that our clients should learn and grow with us
  • The belief that diverse experiences and thought are required to develop a balanced set of knowledge and skills

So now I am happy to be able to bring these two groups together, I believe to the mutual benefit of all: this month West Monroe Partners  will be sponsoring the CAG meeting by funding the food and drinks. And there are plans in place to further sponsor at least two more meetings this year.  So what does this mean?  Well, it means that CAG meets continue to be free to anyone who wants to attend.  It means that people can continue to learn about new skills, new technologies or alternate views on existing skills for the purpose of learning and growing and picking up on the experiences of others.  It's a small way for WMP to help a community group continue to grow and better the larger technical community and I hope it's a pattern that will continue.

And it means I continue to get free pizza -- which helps offset the long commute back to the 'burbs when staying downtown for after-hours meetings. :-)