Hi, I'm John M. Wright

My name is John M. Wright and I’m a professional software developer living and working in the greater Chicago area. I use this site as a way to keep note of interesting topics I come across in my day-to-day work, at community meetings and events, or to document my opinions on the technology industry and related topics. The content here is my own and it does not reflect the opinions of my employer or anyone else. Please read through the Disclosures & Legal page, if you want the much longer disclaimer.

If you want to know more about me, my work or personal history, check out the About Me page.

Below, you'll find various lists of things I've written here on my website. You may also be interested in these standalone pages:

If you wish to find me on the Internet, you can email or otherwise contact me at any of these links. Of these, I'm most active on Mastodon and Threads.

I'm pretty much always available via Mastodon,, and this is also where I broadcast out when I post new blog entries.

This is mostly a duplicate of my Mastodon feed.

Email is a good way to reach me, especially with long-form messages. I try to respond within a day or to, if I can.

My LinkedIn profile has a pretty good overview of my background. I accept connections for people I've met, worked with, or otherwise would consider a person I know. If you've never met me, I'm not going to accept your request.

My StackOverflow profile is pretty sparce and I'm too slow to answer on popular topics, so my rep score isn't as high as you'd probably expect. But if you're interested, there it is.

My public GitHub repos are mostly stuff I've been trying out in languages outside my primary area of .NET, (so doesn't really represent my best work), open source projects I maintain, and I post some of my code samples from blog posts there.

Background Photo Credit: Pixabay (Creative Commons Zero License)